The College of Educational Sciences
The College of Educational Sciences is responsible for the preparation of educational cadres of teachers, school administrators, educational supervisors, counselors, and psychologists. We hope in our vital role to significantly help our local society and the Jordanian community in general. It is worth mentioning that The College of Educational Sciences are providing programs on the Bachelor's level, Master's level, and Doctoral level. These programs are based on the framework of a strategic plan that developed by The College of Educational Sciences in the light of the strategic plan of Mutah University.

About the College of Educational Sciences
The College of Educational Sciences was established in 25/4/1991. Currently , it has 55 doctors and 3 master degree , the College consists of four departments:
- The Department of Counseling and Special Education
-The Department of Curriculum and Instruction
- The Department of Foundations and Educational Administration
- The Department of Psychology
In addition, The College of Educational Sciences run the following units:
- Queen Rania Al- Abdallah Center For Children's Studies
- The Center of Assessment, Counseling, and Special Education
- The Center of Improving the Performance of Faculty Members
- The National Institute for Community Rehabilitation
And The College of Educational Sciences are supervising the Mutah University Model School. 
- The number of faculty members in the college are 56, in addition to 4 supervisors on internship and practical training.

The college offers four degrees:
· Bachelor's degree in: classroom teacher, special education, counseling and mental health, kindergartens, and psychology.
· Diploma's degree in: public education, and learning disabilities.
· Master's degree in: curriculum and methods of teaching English, curriculum and methods of teaching sciences, curriculum and methods of social studies, curriculum and methods of general instructions, psychological and educational counseling, educational psychology, measurement and evaluation, and educational administration.
· Ph.D's degree in educational and psychological counseling.
- The faculty members at the College of Educational Sciences are well-established researchers in the field on education, in addition to their active participation in conferences and practical studies in Jordan and Arab World.
- The college held a cultural season in the second semester of each academic year. This event include lectures, seminars, and workshops of various topics of interest to stakeholders.
- The college is keen to cooperate and communicate with the local community institutions, school districts, institutions and centers of social development in the areas of training and counseling, special education institutions, and public and private 

 The Dean
Prof. Abdel Nasser Al-Qarala